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Sabina is an agricultural company in the heart of the green Irpinia, in the countryside of Mirabella Eclano, specializing in growing, processing and distribution of “aglio dell’Ufita” (the garlic of Ufita).

Starting from the traditional agricultural, pastoral and gastronomic of their ancestors, the Iovanna family has been able to capitalize on this wealth of experience and values mixing it with new skills, enriching all of that with new spurs and programs.

An ambition that has been transformed over time into an onerous project in a position to shape the future of their land and future generations.

In this way, we have passed from a rural reality to a modern and efficient structure that guarantees a high quality of product with the utmost respect for the consumer.

All brand products Sabina, don’t contain GMOs, besides the company is certified according to GLOBALCAP standards.

Recently the company Sabina is adopting in particular parcels the experimental protocol of organic farming for reducing the environmental impact and banishing all the chemicals.